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3 Powerful Reasons Bloggers Should Use Webinars to Grow Their Community

Have you noticed the recent uptick in bloggers hosting webinars? It seems like everywhere you turn, bloggers are holding these live gatherings of information dissemination to either sell a product or offer exclusive methodologies. If you’ve ever been an attendee to one of these events, you have probably noticed that a significant portion of what’s presented isn’t entirely difficult to find, but that still doesn’t seem to take away from their popularity.
Webinars For Bloggers
The swing toward live events isn’t a coincidence by any means, webinars have proven to be incredibly effective for a number of reasons, but they should obviously be planned in advance for full effect. Suites like those offered at ClickWebinar can make a huge difference to conversion rates and word of mouth.

However, whatever your option you go with, the following reasons alone are worth looking into anyonline seminar program available. What’s really important is that you get down to some live business and grow your community.

Prove Expertise

Whether you’re a lawyer or simply writing about a hobby, you blog because you feel like you have something worth saying that’s of value to your readership. However, in comparison to blog entries, a webinar puts you in the hot seat, which, in turn, shows attendees just how much of an expert you are on your chosen topic. Where other bloggers can put in research and go so far as to hijack information from your writing, they can’t compete with a live display of knowledge. As word gets out that you know your material, more people will see you as a source which means a growth in general blog traffic as well as larger attendance for future webinars.

Sales Boosts

If you monetize your blog through affiliate programs or sales pages, their sub 10 percent standard conversion rate might be enough to put some cash in your pocket. However, a webinars have shown to yield much higher rates, sometimes offering as much as 30 percent.

Even if your webinar isn’t centered around sales whatsoever, dropping an affiliate link with an honest recommendation to a product is worthwhile. By endorsing said product after, or during, a display of your raw knowledgebase, attendees will be much more likely to take your considerations into account and further your sales as a whole. This goes back to you proving your expertise – if you know what you’re talking about, people will listen and they will pay for your insights.

Catch and Keep Attention

Where text often fails is in keeping readers’ attention. Even return visitors will often just skim through a written post looking for highlights to quickly digest. On the other hand, webinars mean people have to pay attention to find the nuggets of information they so desire. In the meantime, viewers will develop a much more personal relationship with the host. This directly helps grow your community in that people are willing to promote, via links and suggestions, someone they feel they have a repertoire with.

You see, holding webinars isn’t just about making sales and proving expertise. They’re also very much about showing the world that there’s a real human being behind a site’s blog posts. It’s a leg up that SEO- and social-heavy sites can’t compete with, and webinars are something you should be taking full advantage of.

Friday, 26 September 2014

Top 25+ Responsive Best Free Blogger Templates

Blogspot community is rapidly growing these days and we can easily find out a lot of blogger templates released every day for blogger users. If you are one of those who are blogspot platform users, then you might be search for a good or best template for your blogspot blog. In this article, we have collected a list of 25+ responsive best free blogger templates that will fits into users device such as laptop, mobile etc through which he/she is accessing your website or blog.

Have a look at this amazing and best collection of responsive blogger templates given below:

1. NewsAgency Free Blogger Template

News Agency is three column responsive blogger template which is specially designed for news blog. It has different features like JQuery slider, Header ads space, drop down menu, breadcrumb, 4 column footer and related posts.

Demo Download

2. Magnifique Free Blogger Template

Magnifique is responsive and minimal blogger template, simple in design with top navigation menus etc.It is considered as best minimal theme for bloggers.

Demo Download

3. WorldTravel Free Blogger Template

World Travel is three column responsive template that is designed for travel blogs. Just like news agency blogger template, it has same features including JQuery slider, Header advertisement space, drop down navigation menus, 4 column footer, related posts and breadcrumb etc.

Demo Download

4. GamingNews Free Blogger Template

GamingNews is two column blogger template which is mainly designed for gaming niche blogs. It came up with features like Header ads banner, top navigation menus, breadcrumb and related posts etc.

Demo Download

5. Ryu Free Blogger Template

It is minimal, one column blogger template having responsive design. The top features of this template includes top widget panel, social buttons, multi-level navigation menu etc.

Demo Download

6. SimpleBT Responsive Free Blogger Template

SimpltBT is one column , responsive and free blogger template which suits best for status and personal niche blogs and can also be used for different purpose as well. The best part is that it has some other features that are much easier for bloggers to utilize them.

Demo Download

7. NewsBT Responsive 3 Column News Free Blogger Template

Professionally designed blogger template for news based blogs.  It can also be suitable for magazine blogs, professional and news blogs.Apart from responsive design, it has some other best features like recent posts widget, news ticket widget and magazine widget etc.

Demo Download

8. PetsWp Free Blogger Template

PetsWp Free Blogger Template is two column blogger template suitable for pets blogs. Just like gaming news blogger template is has same features that includes drop down menus, JQuery slider, headers ads space, tabbed widget, four column footer, breadcrumb etc.

Demo Download

9. Flyto Free Blogger Template

It is best online resource for young creatives and student designers who are looking for honest answer and solid solution in order to help you.

Demo Download

10. Profiliya Free Blogger Template

Profiliya is a popular Blogger Template because of presenting your writing or work and came up with awesome features that makes this blogger template fast and user friendly.

Demo Download

11. iTechno Free Blogger Template

iTechno is another good responsive designed blogger template which is specially designed for blogging and technology niche blogs. It is magazine style blogger template that really really beautiful and have awesome features.

Demo Download

12. FootballZone Free Blogger Template

It is another blogger template dedicated for football lovers to use on their football niche blogs.  Football Zone blogger template has features like 468*60 header advertisement space, related posts, breadcrumb etc and many more others.

Demo Download

13.  Prose Free Blogger Template

Prose is one column, simple and magazine blogger template having responsive layout. It has features like responsive design, 3 column footer, navigation menu etc and looks really great on each device because of responsive feature.

Demo Download

14. Modern Mag Free Blogger Template

If you are looking for some top and best blogger template which is suitable for you magazine, news, sports, multimedia blog then ModernMag will be the perfect choice for you.

Demo Download

15. ChattelsBlog Free Blogger Template

ChattelsBlog  is three column blogger template that works perfectly for business or personal blogs having features like social header buttons, top navigation menu, four columns footer etc.

Demo Download

16. Mag Day Responsive Free Blogger Template

MagDay is best, powerful another responsive blogger template developed by Sora Templates having all those features which you loves to see in premium blogger templates.

Demo Download

17. Shannon Pink Free Blogger Template

Shannon Pink blogger templates works perfectly for fashion, beauty or women related blog.

Demo Download

18. Discover Responsive Free Blogger Template

Discover is free blogger template that came up with tons of awesome features such as featured posts, featured slider, , clean and responsive design that gives awesome look on each device.

Demo Download

19. DietingMadeEasy Free Blogger Template

DietingMadeEasy blogger template is specially designed for cooking and health niche related blogs.

Demo Download

20. Quotes Free Blogger Template

Quotes Free Blogger Template is designed for Quotes, Images and Sayings related blog. It is simple blogger template that can also be used on personal and photography blogs.

Demo Download

21. Counter Free Blogger Template

Counter Free Blogger Template is best template for those blogs which are going to launch soon or under construction, It came up with features like email subscription area and JQuery countdown area.

Demo Download

22. Mashthirteen Responsive Free Blogger Template

Mashthirteen is the the best and recommend responsive and mobile friendly blogger template for blogspot users.  If you are running blogs about business, technology, health etc then this template will be the best choice.

Demo Download

23. Magfolio Free Blogger Template

Another good looking responsive blogger template designed for blogspot that can be used for news, magazine, personal or business related blogs etc. The best of magfolio blogger template includes grid style post layout, customized label cloud widget, social and SEO friendly, threaded commenting system.

Demo Download

24. WeblogMag Free Blogger Template

Professionally designed blogger template that can be used on news , magazine and business blogs. It came up with an awesome slider and good looking news ticker. In order to improve user experience, this theme came up with some top features.

Demo Download

25. Fifamag Free Reponsive Blogger Template

FifaMag is another responsive designed blogger template that is specially designed for Fifa World Cup niche blogs. All those bloggers who have started their niche blogs can take advantage of this best template and the best part about is that it is ads ready blogger template.

Demo Download

26. Symetry Free Blogger Template

Another three column and awesome responsive designed blogger template for bloggers having features like JQuery slider,  header social buttons, related posts, top navigation menus, left and right sidebar, four column footer and many more other etc.

Demo Download

27. SimpleBT Free Blogger Template

Another responsive designed free blogger template which is best choice for status and personal blogs. It is not limited to just only two of these features but you can also use this blog for multi-topics.

Demo Download

28. Seo Mag Free Blogger Template

Seo Mag Free Blogger Template is best for those blogs that are publishing technology related topics. The best part about this template is because of having good look and best performance.

Demo Download

29. Confit Free Blogger Template

If you are looking out for some best blogger template for restaurant or cafe based blogs, then Confit Free Blogger Template will be the best option for you. It has features like left sidebar, auto read more, navigation menu etc and many more other features.

Demo Download

30. Delivery Lite Free Blogger Template

Delivery Lite Free Blogger Template is another beautiful, modern, minimalist, mobile friendly and responsive designed.  This template can be utilize on magazine style blogs like news blogs, personal blogs etc for better results.

Demo Download

Do let us know your view about these top responsive best free blogger templates collection in comments section.

About Guest Author : Irfan Chaudhry is owner of TechPhilospher where mostly he shares guides related to technology. Checkout his latest post on how can we delete Facebook search history.

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RevenueHits: An Ultimate Source to Monetize Your Super Blog

As a blogger, grabbing Adsense approval becomes a dream come true. But how many of you reading this post, have really got their Google Adsense approved. I am sure most of you have NOT and this is what has enticed you to read on this ‘Title’ further. At the same time, you must be aware that getting Google Adsense approved for your site is not cakewalk.

Well, let me tell you that there are several companies coming up as alternatives to Adsense. This companies help you generate revenue from your site by providing the option to website owners and bloggers to place ads on their sites and earn money. Although you will get several options when you look for alternatives for Adsense online, but as a reputed and intelligent blogger, you must make sure that the platform you use is worth trusting and the best one to earn high revenues. In addition, you should not only be aware of their publisher policies but advertiser policy as well in order to know how they are transferring revenue to your accounts. This will even make sure that you earn long term with these platforms. RevenueHits is one such source that has recently build trust and won the hearts of bloggers.

RevenueHits: The Trusted Source To Earn Bets Revenue

RevenueHits was established in 2008 and build great repute in no time. They help in easy revenue generation for publishers with high end Geo targeted and Contextual Ad serving technology. Managed and operated by an Israel based company called MyAdWise Ltd., RevenueHits helps publishers to monetize their sites using innovative Performance Base Ad Network.

For Publishers

Built by and for publishers, RevenueHits treats its partners like a family as they say. The features for publishers include:
  • Display and Rich Media: You will get range of banner sizes and formats to choose from. You can pick them according to your blog theme and access wide variety of advertisers available. The algorithm is such that it can find the best performing offers for your blog in order to get the best of earnings. 
  • Pop Ups/Unders: You can add Pop Us and Pop Unders and see your revenue boosts in no time. Don’t worry, it will be popped in quite a controlled way so that your site is well optimised. 
  • Apps and Widgets: It is not only through the site, you can make money  but even from your Apps and widgets. They offer specialised formats to make the most of it.
  • Custom Formats: They even create custom formats according to the needs of the publishers. 

For Advertisers

You must know about advertisers policies laid down by RevenueHits as well even if you are a publisher or a blogger as this gives you genuine reasons to trust them. The features for advertisers include:
  • Global Reach: The platform displays 2 billion ad impressions each day covering millions of users all over the globe. This way the advertisers not only get exposure, but make the most of their advertising opportunity. 
  • Multiple Verticals: The advertisement is available on almost every niche you think of. So, even you as a blogger get an opportunity to earn more and more through this. Whether it is mobile, shopping, Coupons, Dating, Entertainment, Travel, Software or anything, all can advertise here.

Revenue in eCPM

There are publishers signed up with RevenuHits who are enjoying eCPM rato of up to $30eCPM. It all depends on your site traffic. revenuHits can offer you maximum monetization within few days if you get decent traffic on your blog.

Advantages Of Using RevenueHits

  • Range of Monetisation Methods
  • Easy Creation of Ad Scripts for non-tech Bloggers
  • 100% Fill Rate
  • Accepts Traffic from all over the globe

How To Start With RevenueHits?

Sign Up process is convenient and takes no time if you have decided to give this wonderful platform a great try. Run through the following process and it is done:

Go to RevenueHits and ‘Sign Up’ as a ‘Publisher’ if you want to monetise your blog. However, if you want to advertise (to add to your knowledge), just go to ‘Advertisers’ section and Sign Up. I am here to guide you as a blogger and therefore I will tell you how to join as a Publisher as I know most of you must be looking for this.
  • Click on Sign Up to Become a Publisher
  • The first tab prompts for your details. Fill in the following details:
  • Give the Title Nam
  • Select Your Niche
  • Add the URL of your Blog
  • Write a small description describing about your blog. Make sure it is in the best of its form. Lastly click on ‘Continue’
  • Next tab prompts you to fill in the Username and Password and other details like your name, phone number, Skype ID.
  • Thereafter click on ‘Continue’ again
  • The last tab wants you to select the Billing Preference. This means what would you like your Payment Method to be. revenutHits offers four options for payment method:
  • Decide Later, Payoneer, Wire Transfer and Paypal
  • Once you have selected your mode of payment, click on ‘Continue’. A pop up will appear prompting you to accept the terms and conditions of the site. I would suggest you to read them before you do the final sign up.
This is quite simple and you can get the ball rolling once you sign up. You simply need to login with your credentials and create ad unites to be placed on your site.

Considering the above factors, RevenueHits has recently become one of my favourites when I suggest my fellow bloggers. As a blogger, I am sure you will be benefitted to generate revenue through this source which is certainly a great alternative for Google Adsense. So, what are you waiting for? Simply sign up and start earning for yourself. Create the best of ads and welcome those bucks you have been dreaming for. 

WpEngine OctoborPress - Get 3 Months of Free Hosting

WpEngine OctoberPress
WpEngine is one of the most popular WordPress hosting service which is being used by many of WordPress users. WpEngine is specially made for WordPress users as it provides amazing offers such as one click install, quick support, amazing security (unfortunately, even you got hacked than WpEngine employees will fix all for you while you just sit back and relax) and many more features they are. We'll definitely recommend that if you're gonna create WordPress site than go for WpEngine. Well, Just few minutes ago they've released an octobor offer which you'll really love if you were just thinking to create WP site.

WpEngine OctoborPress Hosting Fest

The month of September is about end now and Octobor is one the way! Well, They've released Octobor offer in which they'll will be giving 3 months of free hosting when you'll purchase annual plan. This offer can be helpful for those who're planning to kick-start their business with WP.  If you were not planning to choose WP than we strongly recommend you to go for WP with WpEngine because WP is one of the best powerful content management system where you can any kind of web magic. Also there is offer for you to save 3 months of hosting cost with WpEngine by availing this offer. If you're having doubt that WpEngine won't be right choice than checkout it below.

Why to Choose WpEngine?

WpEngine OctoborPress - Details

  • Get 3 months of free hosting
  • Only validity for new customers with Personal, Professional and Business Plan.
  • Must signup for an annual plan
  • Use coupon: OctoberPress14
  • Expiration Date: 10/31/2014

Hurry up! Before you miss it.

So guys, our duty was to inform you about such awesome offers and now you also complete this duty by availing this offer if you want WP hosting. Leave all of your tasks and avail this offer before you miss it. 

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Useful Strategies To Make a Comeback To Blogging

In life not all things go as per our plans.We plan for things and they don't go the same way they were supposed to.However the one thing we must believe is that whatever happens happens for a reason.In context to a bloggers life there might come a time when he could loses his interest or due to some personal difficulties could lose out on blogging.In such a sceniario.its the attitude and the mental strength of the person that will help him overcome this slack.

A comeback is always difficult not forgetting to mention that its special too.It helps you find your inner strength and fight the inner demons.A come back in blogging either blogger or worpdpress or any platform for that matter will require time and patience from your end.Its like starting your blog from scratch.

How Much Did Your Vacation Cost You?

The first step you need to get your blog done is analyzing your blog.It is always easier to find a solution to a problem if the exact problem details are known.Once you are familiar with you lacking you can then sit and rectify those in a healthy manner.You need to compare a few things to begin with:
  • Traffic : This gives you an exact idea of how your blog has been doing during this period.As no new content is being added , there is very little chance of your readership growing.It will either be at a stable level or would be going down on the graph.
  • Audience Interaction : Comments and shares are the backbone of a blog.If you have noticed a slack , get onto your job immediately because this shows a lack of  interest by readers in your blog.We will learn how to overcome this in the upcoming para’s.
  • Design Issues : A good period off your blog will leave you behind the recent happenings in the world of designing.Also certain issues might creep up and you might have to get them fixed.
  • Bad publicity : For your competitors its a golden period.Google bots are continuously crawling their sites and as your blog is void of any updates , their sites score better in google.This leads to bad promotion of your blog , indirectly spoiling your social profile.
A proper understanding of what has gone wrong will help you understand the fixes you have to do to create that splash.We will be giving you in detail steps to get your blog back on track.However it's necessary for you as a blogger to understand your lackings individually.

Tested Methods To Get Your Blog Going

Why do I say these methods are tested ? The answer is simple , I have myself recovered my lost blog from nowhere to this current position.The ways are simple and easy to implement.It consists of core problems that your blog is facing due to lack od attention. So lets skid on and see what those steps are 

Get Your SEO rectified and updated

  • Submit Sitemap : Webmasters tools will you help you update your blog by adding a sitemap in the site dashboard area.This will initiate the process of google bots crawling your blog.
  • Make google crawl your blog : Yet another tool from webmaster to send a url to google and index it.Use this tool to get you site indexed once again.
  • Ping Your Website : Ping-O-matic is a tool that pings all popular search engines and lets them know that your blog has been updated.
  • Use of Meta Tags : There are a few things that can really lift your blog and place it in the top.One such tip is to put in meta tags.To save the hassle use this online meta tag generator .Once you have generated your meta tags place it in your template before </head>

Give Your Blog a Makeover

  • Get a cleaner design : Give your readers some eye candies.Make them feel at home.Make your blog easy to navigate.Look around for inspiration and create your own template.If you think making a template is too big a cake for you , you can always get quality templates from various sites.But make sure you choose a template that suits your niche.
  • Make it mobile friendly : Responsive design has taken the web designing industry by storm.So having it in your armory is very necessary.Also google has started giving perks to such sites , making it more so ever important to get a working responsive template.
  • Get rid of unnecessary CSS and Scripts : Throw out the garbage and bring in the new goodies.Don’t let your blog stink get your blog a freshener.Remove all the old CSS and scripts.Get your css and javascripts updated. 

Go all Guns Blazing and promote your Blog

  • Use Social Media : Social media during this time is powder of magic for you.It reconnects you this part of the world.Use it to maximum output do not leave any stone unturned and keep promoting.As an advice even after you have established your blog continue using social posts , you never know you could have an advertiser coming on the way.
  • Guest Post : Use this technique to use a popular blogs traffic to your blog.If your content is unique and new readers will come back to your blog again and again.
  • Building Links : Interlinking your posts and getting backlinks using commentluv and various other methods will highlight you in the google bots algorithm.
  • Post Youtube Videos : Youtube could turn you into a superstar overnight.It brings in traffic and revenue if done rghty.Another tool to get back your blogs lost stardom.
  • Contact Your Blogger Circle : Over a period of time you form a blogger circle with bloggers of same niche or who you are in constant touch with.Contact them and let them know of you coming back.You might get some invaluable tips.

Concentrate on Content

Inspite of the all the tweaks we do in the template or design , the one thing that will encourage the readers is the content.Keep your focus on content and make sure it is the basics of the readers liking your blog.A few points to make sure your content is driving traffic to your blog.
  • Never copy posts
  • Use of appropriate images 
  • Write catchy Titles
  • Write on topics that are trending in the market
  • Interlink your posts
  • Use keywords in your blog posts

Get help of experts

Experts in this field are like diamond mines.Create a rapo with them and they will give you tips and tricks that are worth a million.Tell them in detail the status of your blog.They will then be able to exactly guide you to the position that they are in right now. Post on forums , read articles , read as much as possible .Download ebooks and get to know them better it will help you understand exaclty what you need to do.

Now what exactly you have to avoid doing while making a comeback

We have discussed in detail the steps you have to take to bring back your blogs popularity.Its time to tell you the steps you just have to avoid and prevent a failure.
  • Don’t get too impatient and start using black seo it will further make your blog go down.
  • Avoid keeping long gaps between your posts.Keep a post coming everyday so as to keep the reader engaged.
  • Don’t get too clingy with fellow bloggers and let them know you are desperate.
  • Overadvertising will kill your blog at this stage , so stay away from this.
  • Never copy posts , google bots these days are very clever , they detect the smallest cheats you do.
  • And the most important of all , do not give up ! 

Signing Off - Tanmay Kapse

I have myself made a comeback with my blog YourPcGenie. I have written a post after a year and half.My traffic had gone down significantly. I analyzed my blog and made all the corrective measures.And I am proud to say that after a good months of time my blog is back on track.Hence I thought I should share these tips which helped me.Hope you have success in your blogging carreer.

About Guest Author

Tanmay Kapse is a 19 year old blogger from Mumbai,India. He blogs at a multi-category blog -

Friday, 19 September 2014

No AdSense - Ways To Monetize Blogging Niche Blogs

No Google AdSense
We all know that adsense is one of the best network to monetize blogs and sites but it doesn't work anymore for blogging niche blogs because there audience already know that these are adsense ads and they won't click ads. Another thing is that adsense has been strict from long to approve new applications and many bloggers don't have even adsense accounts for this reason.

Well, those who still think that adsense is just only way to monetize their blogs, I would like to tell them that adsense is not everything there are many other networks and strategies for monetization. Yes, adsense is owned by dominating company but some things can't work with everything.

So, today we've brought some methods and networks specially for those who're running blogs on blogging niche and also for those who hate adsense.

1. CPM (Cost Per Mile) Ad Networks

When paid per click is not working, try cost per mile ads. Simply, you'll be get paid for thousand impressions on ads. More the traffic, more money you make. While adsense also pays you for impressions but those who don't have adsense can go for CPM networks., Madadsmedia, etc are the best networks that you can go for. Personally, we're using and our experience is even better than adsense. So we'll say that is a great alternative of adsense.

2. Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs are best for blogging niche and they're many relevant programs that you can join and start promoting their products. You can find affiliate programs on web hosting sites, blog theme sites like themeforest, plugins, SEO products and many more. If you can't affiliate products for your blog that simply go to ClickBank which is most popular largest affiliate network, there you'll get tons of products to promote and earn commission. You can put product banner in your blog or even can write review about them to generate sales and enjoy the commission. 

3. Banner Advertising (

Another best method for monetization blogging niche blog is selling ad banners in your blog. is one of the best network for this kind of advertising. BuySellAds is a bit difficult to get approved account but if you got quality blog with huge traffic than chances are higher to get listed in BuySellAds directory. Once your blog is listed in BuySellAds directory than advertisers will be able to view your blog and any advertiser can purchase ad slot on your blog which will have fixed price and advertiser's banner will displayed for next 30 days. Give it a try and if you're approved than you won't be disappointed.

4. In-Text Advertising -

In-Text advertising is also popular these days in which some words in your content will be converted into ad links. On hovering, it will display ad overview and if these links got clicks than you'll be easily paid. is one of the top first ad network for this type of advertisement and is considered the top AdSense alternative. Even if you got AdSense, you can run both AdSense and InfoLinks on your blog to generate extra income. If your most of the blog traffic is coming from top countries such as USA, Canada, UK than InfoLinks got highest payout rates for you. 

5. Sponsored Reviews

When everything above doesn't work for you than this will surely work for you. Don't know either you've heard about it or not but once you know and try this method and you'll surely love it. Sponsored Reviews - Here we need to contact some relevant companies to blogging niche such as Hosting companies, SEO companies, Ad companies etc but these companies must be new and recently launched. Okay, so we need to get in touch with them and ask them an offer that we'll publish their product review on your blog which has decent readers to increase company's audience and users and you'll charge some amount in back. Before you contact any company, make sure you've good page rank and alexa and also use some email tactics to let company accept your offer.

6. Start Coaching & Service

Well, you can turn your readers into clients through this way but here you must be experienced pro blogger. You can start coaching where you can teach blogging SEO and other money making strategies to your readers and you'll charge them reasonable amount. Well, you can also start service in which you'll can provide different type of blogging services such as SEO service, creating backlinks, WordPress setup, content writing etc. This will need you to create pages where you can describe fully about your service & coaching along with price quotes. Also create a nice form for submissions. 

7. E-book Selling

Got epic writing skills? This method is only for you! You can start writing e-books to make even more money. E-book writing can be difficult because here we need to both e-book topic expertise and also writing skills. You can write e-book on SEO, blogging, money making strategies and try to put them on Amazon Kindle where you can generate a lot of sales. It needs loads of hard work but remember hard work always pays.

Money is waiting for you!

So, what you've thought to go for? Think wisely and try these methods because money is waiting for you. AdSense is not everything and you can make hell more than AdSense. Hope this article will help you and also share this article with your friends. Got some more metods? Let us know in comments because sharing is caring buddy! Cheers!

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Top 3 Useful Programming Languages For Bloggers

As a blogger you must have come across a situation when you wish you some programming skills that could help in the growth of your ‘close to the heart’ blog.  However, I am glad to let you know that there are some basic and essential programming languages which are sufficient for running your blog well. This post of mine will let you know whether you require coding skills for blogging, what languages you need to learn and how simple languages can add life to your blog.

Do you need Coding/Programming skills?

Before I start, let me tell you, that lack of coding or programming skills is not a thing to worry about. Blogging can be successful even without this. But yes, in order to add shine to your successfully running blog and building it for long run, learning new skills is always an advantage for anyone. So, if you put your hands on basics of HTML, PHP and CSS, it will become convenient for you in regular updates and online enhancements.

Do remember, that the best thing I like about blogging is that anyone can do it without any technical skills. So, even if you have not attained a course for these languages I mentioned, you will get ample tutorials on web to refine the skills. Many of you may believe that it is essential to earn web designing to become a creative blogger, but this is not true. You simply need to know what you are to write and share and more than half the battle is won. You must have good writing skills to put across your opinion and ideas. Your readers must be able to understand and learn from you. This is it!!

This is the reason that I am mentioning 3 useful and not essential programming languages to know as a blogger:

Basic Web Language: HTML

First and foremost you must learn HTML basics if you have really decided to learn programming with blogging. Although most of the content management systems or blogging platforms like WordPress, BlogSpot offer easy editors but a little insight into HTML will make it convenient for you. This is because the bloggers often come across problems in formatting while posting the write-up. Apart from this, when you want to place advertisements on your blog in widget form or theme, basic HTML codes will help you understand them well. This is the easiest of all coding languages. However, if you are yet to start, I suggest you to learn HTML5 instead of HTML.

Theme Oriented Language: CSS

CSS helps in editing of your blog theme. Small changes like change in color and others can be made to improve your blog. CSS can specially work the best if you have your blog on Wordpress. Although, let me be honest, even I have started browsing through the skills in CSS and CSS3 off late only.

The Troubleshooter: PHP

If you have a Wordpress blog, learning PHP will act as a boon for you. Several issues can be fixed by learning PHP. Well, I have not yet started with this language but recently I came to know through some of my software developer friends, that it will be a great thing to learn PHP as a blogger. This help in extending the features of your Wordpress blog. You will even learn Plugin extensions and even create one for yourself. Further you can even start earning by selling Plugins.

Some Other Good Ones & Helpful

  • Javascript is an addition to enhance your designing skills if you want to beautify your blog. This includes some extra skills which may not be beneficial in blogging but will help you in editing of videos and images.
  • Photoshop is another wonderful skill to learn for image editing. This will help you creating banners and personalized images.

Final Words

Well, after talking much about technical details for your blogging spree, I believe it is time to chill and show some better pictures of blogging and programming. All that I have mentioned above is no rocket science. You can simply learn these skills in a day or two. So, wait no more and start to work on enhancement of your blogging skills. If at any point of time, you feel that this is not cup of tea for you, DO NOT worry. This will not be a dead end. You can always hire people for the same if you are doing good in blogging.

Friday, 29 August 2014

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