Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Top 3 Useful Programming Languages For Bloggers

As a blogger you must have come across a situation when you wish you some programming skills that could help in the growth of your ‘close to the heart’ blog.  However, I am glad to let you know that there are some basic and essential programming languages which are sufficient for running your blog well. This post of mine will let you know whether you require coding skills for blogging, what languages you need to learn and how simple languages can add life to your blog.

Do you need Coding/Programming skills?

Before I start, let me tell you, that lack of coding or programming skills is not a thing to worry about. Blogging can be successful even without this. But yes, in order to add shine to your successfully running blog and building it for long run, learning new skills is always an advantage for anyone. So, if you put your hands on basics of HTML, PHP and CSS, it will become convenient for you in regular updates and online enhancements.

Do remember, that the best thing I like about blogging is that anyone can do it without any technical skills. So, even if you have not attained a course for these languages I mentioned, you will get ample tutorials on web to refine the skills. Many of you may believe that it is essential to earn web designing to become a creative blogger, but this is not true. You simply need to know what you are to write and share and more than half the battle is won. You must have good writing skills to put across your opinion and ideas. Your readers must be able to understand and learn from you. This is it!!

This is the reason that I am mentioning 3 useful and not essential programming languages to know as a blogger:

Basic Web Language: HTML

First and foremost you must learn HTML basics if you have really decided to learn programming with blogging. Although most of the content management systems or blogging platforms like WordPress, BlogSpot offer easy editors but a little insight into HTML will make it convenient for you. This is because the bloggers often come across problems in formatting while posting the write-up. Apart from this, when you want to place advertisements on your blog in widget form or theme, basic HTML codes will help you understand them well. This is the easiest of all coding languages. However, if you are yet to start, I suggest you to learn HTML5 instead of HTML.

Theme Oriented Language: CSS

CSS helps in editing of your blog theme. Small changes like change in color and others can be made to improve your blog. CSS can specially work the best if you have your blog on Wordpress. Although, let me be honest, even I have started browsing through the skills in CSS and CSS3 off late only.

The Troubleshooter: PHP

If you have a Wordpress blog, learning PHP will act as a boon for you. Several issues can be fixed by learning PHP. Well, I have not yet started with this language but recently I came to know through some of my software developer friends, that it will be a great thing to learn PHP as a blogger. This help in extending the features of your Wordpress blog. You will even learn Plugin extensions and even create one for yourself. Further you can even start earning by selling Plugins.

Some Other Good Ones & Helpful

  • Javascript is an addition to enhance your designing skills if you want to beautify your blog. This includes some extra skills which may not be beneficial in blogging but will help you in editing of videos and images.
  • Photoshop is another wonderful skill to learn for image editing. This will help you creating banners and personalized images.

Final Words

Well, after talking much about technical details for your blogging spree, I believe it is time to chill and show some better pictures of blogging and programming. All that I have mentioned above is no rocket science. You can simply learn these skills in a day or two. So, wait no more and start to work on enhancement of your blogging skills. If at any point of time, you feel that this is not cup of tea for you, DO NOT worry. This will not be a dead end. You can always hire people for the same if you are doing good in blogging.

Friday, 29 August 2014

Who is the Highest Paying Sponsored Content Network? is one of the oldest and largest “sponsored content” networks, serving over three billion page
views and 55 billion sponsored content recommendations per month. distributes high-paying premium content that doesn't look or feel like advertising and delivers engaged visitors to websites. is focused on generating the highest possible CPMs & revenue for its publishers. works very closely with advertisers to craft content and creatives that drive consumer interaction, which boosts your revenue. Through carefully developed algorithms is able to run the offers that make publishers the most money possible. To top it off, also offers a healthy rev-share rate of 70% to publishers instead of 50% like other networks. will not force publishers to commit to long-term contracts. If the solution isn’t performing for you, the team will be happy to discuss solutions with you or you can remove it, simple as that. After all, it’s your site and you should be free to use whatever service you want whenever you want. Test for a week, a month, or set-it and forget-it

Other reasons to work with

The widget can be customized to fit cleanly on any website and can be used to promote a publisher’s internal content 100% free of charge. will not reject any site due to low traffic level.’s sponsored content is free of malware, get rich quick schemes, and other shady offers. The team manually pre-screens every ad offer before allowing them access to be displayed to the network.

The reporting dashboard is highly revered for being sleek and simple, yet powerful.

The team is highly responsive, knowledgeable, and friendly.

Over 2,000 publishers, from small blogs to top tier sites, have signed up with Click here to find out how to get started.

To find out more, contact:

Tim Mancino
Business Development Manager
Tel: 949.419.0262 ext 237


“We've been very pleased about how easy it is to work with” - Becca Sickbert (Colorado Springs Independent | 

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

4 Reasons Blogging on the Road is Great for Boosting Creativity

Online publishing is tough. Staying on track, brainstorming fresh article ideas, keeping your audience engaged, running the business and combating those days when your mind goes blank are all easier said than done. The days of making money online quickly and easily are over. The standards are higher and audiences and consumers are demanding better quality and are more so than ever, in control of what they consume.
Blogging Road
The new age blogger needs to employ every strategy and tactic possible to remain, not only relevant, but a massive success. Surprisingly, it's quite counterproductive trying to push oneself to the limits all the time, remaining glued to the laptop screen. More time spent doesn't always equal better ideas and greater productivity. Sometimes you'll need to shift things up a bit to get the most out of that tired old brain of yours.

Getting out the house and hitting the road, might just be the cure and the reboot you need. Here's why:

Change of Perspectives - Stand Out

Don't be fooled, there's always another approach or solution to common problems. Do not become complacent with the fact that you're an expert in your field, especially if it relates to anything in the online world. Things change daily and perspectives shared that counter the status quo may be enough to help you garner massive respect, attention, opportunities and new following.

A change of scenery and engaging new experiences and people are perfect for sparking enough activity in your brain to release any toxins or tension you've built up over time. The experience forces you to open up, breathe new air and let go of all that you've been holding tightly. It's a liberating experience.

As you begin to see new people and new lifestyles you will begin to gain deeper insight in what people respond to naturally and will therefore gain a new approach to your blogging. As you jump in your RV, hop on your motorcycle or a private jet (If you're rolling that deep), expose yourself to something new and the creativity will flow into your writing.

Take Advantage of Possible Meet-ups & Remain Connected

Along your itinerary, try to attend any business, social media events or blogger meet-ups along the way. This is where you'll get the biggest creativity boost as you'll be exposing yourself to ideas and discussions from other experts in the marketing and publishing world - face to face. Learn from the best, see what your competition is up to and take advantage of opportunities to talk about you and your business in the physical realm. Having your online world manifest through speech and interacting with others brings a sense of purpose, importance and certainty about what you write - a huge motivation booster. Networking is a surefire way to get ideas flowing and re-energizing your creative engine.

In addition, being on the road does not mean severing connections with your audience and clients. There are tons of tools that will help you maintain close connections between you, your team and audience regardless of your physical location. For example, ClickMeeting, is an online collaboration and meeting tool that allows you to host rich audio / video meetings and presentations along with other features such as moderated chats, questions, answers and FAQs and desktop sharing to deliver a rich media experience for you and your audience. Or, you may use an app like Instagram to share your journey on the road through intriguing photos that make your experience real, relatable and “humanized” for your audience; adding a more authentic touch to your blogging brand which helps to improve loyalty and increase your following. Use tools that will keep you connected without the burden of sticking to your old routine.

Great for Content Curation & Cures Burnout

This is especially true for travel and lifestyle bloggers going from city to city, interacting and exploring the varied cultures on the way. You will not get the true essence or the "why's" of people and their lives unless you're either living it with them or occasionally exposing yourself to them. Road trips and meet-ups are essential!

Unique content ideas will flow like a river and you'll have a storehouse of experiences and perspectives to write about for weeks and even months to come. Ensure you're ready to take notes and snap some photos on your journey.

Escape Common Distractions at Home

Home is where the heart is but it's oftentimes extremely difficult to get things done there; escaping the many temptations to simply slack off. Your road trip is the perfect opportunity to get away and choose a nice quiet spot to brainstorm. Whether it's on a hill top, a valley, beach or hotel room; this is where the inspiration comes.

To conclude, take advantage of every opportunity to escape a predictable environment, hit the road and gain new experiences, meet new people and seek perspectives to share with your audience and enrich your business. It might be the nudge you've been waiting for to refresh your blogging efforts.

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Top 20 New Premium Magazine Blogger Templates of 2014

Magazine Blogger Templates
Last time we had shared many blogger templates which were SEO friendly, professional looking and there were also some paid blogger templates that were having all premium features. This time we're back with another collection of top 20 new premium magazine blogger templates. The best thing of these templates is that they're new with fresh, unique and trending design and they also have magazine design that will suite on your micro niche or magazine blog.

Unlike free magazine blogger templates that are not much professional looking and have dull design with full of bugs because if you invest a few bucks in purchasing any amazing blogger template of this list, your blog will completely become professional and impressing. Undoubtedly, These templates are fully search engine friendly which will boost your blog's ranking in Google and will give you huge traffic. They also got responsiveness feature which is found very low in blogger templates and responsiveness allows your blog to fit in any device screen size with ease.

And all other features like SEO friendly, responsive, professional design, user friendly, magazine style, ads friendly, social buttons and custom widgets are available in these templates and another important feature you'll get is Support. After purchasing any of these template, you'll get lifetime free support for your template which means if you don't know how to install template than support team will guide you, stuck with any coding - call the support. Their support is amazing and you will probably like it.

Okay, So here is the collection of these templates. We've made this collection from most popular blogger templates sites. And if you need any magazine blogger template than you should purchase any of the following.

1. Agista

 2. Desire Mag

 3. Extinify

 4. Flat Mag

 5. Kontify

 6. Mag News

 7. Mega Mag

 8. Mintify

 9. Newsly

 10. Plazify

 11. Portify

 12. Safety

 13. Samantify

 14. Simplify

 15. Slash

 16. Sleekify

 17. Stickify

 18. Techify

 19. Versatile

 20. XPress News

Final Words

So, Thats the latest collection of premium magazine blogger templates and hope you'll like them and also purchase for your blog because they've every feature and you shouldn't miss them. We'll keep sharing new both premium and free blogger templates so keep visiting us for more and also share this with your friends. Take care!

Saturday, 19 July 2014

How To Change and Use Fonts in Blogger

Google Fonts For Blogger
Undoubtedly, Blogger is an amazing platform to create and manage blogs even if you're a newbie as we can see the number of blogs raising rapidly. Okay, everybody know this, but the most common problem with mostly every blogger user is using perfect template for blog as it matters a lot. Template should be user friendly, its font should be eye-friendly and easy to read, it should also be responsive and some more features we want the template.

Everybody have got any blogger template to use in their blogs either they're beautiful or ugly but we're using them. But the main thing is content and there font matters a lot. If you're feeling that your blog doesn't have beautiful font than you should change the font immediately. Because in the blog, the main thing is content or articles and if you've used any bad font that makes the article difficult than definitely it will affect on your blog visitors and you might loose your visitors.

Changing font is blogger is not a big deal. We've great collection of web fonts available on Google Fonts for free from where you can pick up any font and start using it on your blog or web. Google Fonts is one of the most popular place for fonts and almost every website is using fonts from there because there fonts are great and are hosted on Google servers which are really fast. Implementing fonts in our blog is really easy, we just need to add a html link tag below <head> which calls the font to load in our blog and use font-family CSS property to call the font in any web element.

Don't worry, if you're a newbie and don't know how to change and use Google Fonts in your blog because below I'm going to show you step by step that how can we easily do that.

How To Change & Use Google Fonts in Blogger?

Okay, So here I'm going to divide the tutorial in two pieces just to let you understand it easily. In this part, we'll remove the existing font in your blog and in second part, we'll install and use new font. Let's get started.

1. Removing The Existing Font

  • Go To Blogger >>  Template >> Backup Your Template
  • Click Edit HTML and Search For The Following Code
  • Mostly, This will be available below <head> of the templates.
  • After finding the above code, you'll see it in the html <link> tag like the image below. 
  • Just remove that html link tagline.
  • Save Template.

2. Installing New Font in Your Blog

  • Go to Google Fonts and find the best font that you want to use.
  • After choosing font, click on "Quick use" button, shown in the image below.
  • Tick mark all the styles
  • Scroll down and copy the html link tag code.
  • Go To Blogger >> Template >> Edit HTML
  • Search For <head>
  • Paste The Code Below It and Save Template.
  • If it gives error, try adding / before > at the end, after that ending will be like />.
  • Okay, now font is installed and lets call it in our template.
  • Come back to Google font page and scroll down more.
  • There, you'll see the block like below.
  • Copy that code and Go To Blogger >> Edit HTML
  • Search for body { or body{
  • There you'll see font-famiy:bla-bla-bla;
  • Remove that font-family property till semicolon and paste the new one there.
  • Save Template.
  • If the font is not working properly now than add the following code above ]]></b:skin>
body, h1,h2,h3,h4,h5,h6 .post, .post-body, .content-wrapper, .main-wrapper, .outer-wrapper, .footer-wrapper, #content-wrapper, #main-wrapper, #footer-wrapper, #rsidebar-wrapper, .sidebar-wrapper {FONT FAMILY PROPERTY HERE!important}
  •  Paste the font family property in the highlighted and remove semicolon because we've added !important tag that will call the font importantly in the given areas.
  • Save Template 
  • You're Done!

Final Keystrokes

Seems like your blog is looking awesome after installing fresh font. Hope you successfully did this through this guide as we've tried to make it step-by-step. Even if you got stuck anywhere than feel free to ask below in comments. Please leave your views in comments, share this article with your friends and keep visiting us for more easy tutorials. Have a nice day!

Thursday, 17 July 2014

How To Make and Run Giveaways With Gleam

If you're a regular reader of us than you might have remembered that we had published an article on how to properly offer giveaways on your blog. In which we shared the benefits of offering giveaways and also a tutorial on how to make giveaways and run them on your blog. But now, that method of creating giveaways with PunchTab is now out of date and is not working so today we're back with another similar method that works amazingly.

PunchTab was an amazing giveaways generator which many bloggers and webmasters used to manage giveaways for free but now can not use it for free because they have changed their plans and they only allow their premium customers to for creating giveaways. Means, you'll need to purchase subscription in order to make PunchTab giveaway generator.

Well, There are many other alternatives of this to create giveaway generators but most of them have not such features to make beneficial giveaways but Gleam is one of the best of them which can fulfill our needs. Just like PunchTab, we can easily create giveaway generator in which there will be many useful ways to let participators make entries through different social sharing and other actions. It is easy with Gleam to implement the giveaway generator in blog posts, Facebook page tab or anywhere, you just need to take code and put it anywhere. Yeah! Gleam has also premium packages which have mind blowing features but free is also amazing to make successful giveaways.

Hey! If you don't know about offering giveaways on your blogs, why do we do this, what are its benefits or if you want to find out answers of such questions and I strongly recommend to checkout this article.

How To Make and Run Giveaways With Gleam

Okay, So this is the tutorial part and here we're going to show that how to make your first giveaway with Gleam. The guide is basically for beginners and it completely easy to setup giveaway with Gleam. There will be three stages. First one making an account there, second is making giveaway and third is publishing giveaway on your blog. Lets start with the first stage.

Stage #1: Create an account on Gleam

  • Go To
  • Click "Start Using Gleam"
  • Now, You can create account with two ways. Either make account with your email or with your Facebook account. I prefer to go with email.
  • Enter your email and Click "Start"
  • Fill out with simple form in which you've to give your name, password, site name and your site URL. At final, click "Create My Account".
  • After that you'll reach to Dashboard and a pop up will also appear asking for choosing any plan. Choose Free Plan.
  • First Stage Done!

Stage #2: Create a giveaway

  • Click " + New Compeition " button at the right corner in competitions tab.
  • Here you got to do the competition setup.
  • Enter your competition name, setup date from where to start and also the ending date, write terms and conditions if available and its optional, check and uncheck some settings also setup login with options for users.
  • Click second tab "How To Enter" to setup entry ways.
  • Here the ways are listed that how users can enter and how your promotion will be done. Simply, click the buttons to include that entry method in your giveaway. After clicking button, you also need to setup like if you're adding tweet than you'll need to put tweet content. After adding ways, you can drag to rearrange them.
  • After setting up "How to enter" click on third tab "Prize"
  • Nothing special, you just need to write the name of the prize and also the quantity of them. You can also put its description and its optional.
  • After setting this all, simply click "Save" button at the bottom.
  • Second Stage Done!

Stage #3: Installing giveaway in your blog

  • If you did all properly, after clicking "Save", you'll see "Competition has been successfully created".
  • Now, copy the code and put it in your blog post.
  • If you're using Blogger, follow the steps below.
  • Go To Blogger >> Create New Post 
  • Click Edit HTML >> Paste The Code There
  • Complete your post and publish it.
  • That's it.

Final Touches

I don't think it was much difficult to make and run giveaway on your blog. But with the help of this tutorial, it will be completely easy for newbies to setup their first giveaway. Hope this little tutorial help you all to manage giveaway in a better way while Gleam has amazing entry options and others have limited them for free plan accounts. Share your thoughts in comments and also share this article with your friends. Cheers!

Friday, 4 July 2014

BuySellAds Review: Best Advertisement Platform For Bloggers

It has always been a big problem for newbie bloggers to monetize their blogs. While the best way to make money from blogging is to do things by planning. Make a proper plan and do according to get success. Yeah! We need to a lot of patience to kick off earnings but most of newbies also don’t have patience and give up. Well, they also depend on Google AdSense only and just get stuck on it as AdSense also need quality publishers and keep disapproving the low quality publishers. However, there are many more alternatives of AdSense and even there are many effective ways that can make even more money than AdSense and newbies should come to know them. Other than AdSense, blog can be monetized by paid posts, direct banner ads, CPM ads, CPA ads, services and many more. But what about BuySellAds? BuySellAds is also the best advertising network for bloggers and you might have heard about it but today, we’re going to review this network deeply.

BuySellAds – Introduction

BuySellAds is the web advertising network where ads are being sold and bought for promotion and earning purposes. Basically, it is a place where both advertisers and publishers meet with each other and make a deal about advertisement easily. For bloggers, they can join the publisher account and start selling ads of their blogs.

How It Works For Bloggers?

BuySellAds can be the main source of income for bloggers if they work with it with huge interest. First of all, Bloggers need to apply for this and before applying they must checkout the criteria so that they may not get denied. If their criteria is not much matching for your blog than you may work on your to get such result. After you applied for it, it will take some time to get your application reviewed. Once you’ve got approved, you’re ready to go.

After getting your blog approved there, now you need to make some ad slots on your blog. Check which space is available in your blog and make ad slots for those places. Try to choose such places where visitors are having high impressions like above and below content, header, etc. So, after creating ad slots, you’ve to put codes there. They are automated codes and will show ad banners automatically if some purchased. These codes also collect data such as impressions and blog traffic that helps you to make sales.

Once you’ve done the setup, within some days, your blog will appear in BuySellAds directory for selling ads on your blog. BuySellAds have large number of advertisers and slowly slowly your blog will sell more and more ads. When someone will purchase ad slot on your blog, you’ll see message in your account about that and you’ve to decide, either you approve or deny it. After that the banner ad is displayed next 30 days on your blog and it will vanish away automatically after 30 days. Within these 30 days, you’ve to do nothing with these ads, you just need to work on your blog, update it, and promote it or whatever. But don’t be inactive because it may lose your blog traffic and it can effect on your BuySellAds.

Payment System

You also don’t need to worry about payment system because it is also automated and secured. Your each ad slot will get specific price and the advertiser will pay exactly that fixed price. After the ad slot is sold, you will receive the money in your BuySellAds account and all the money is first stored there until you decide to withdraw it. Another thing, BuySellAds also takes commission from your each sale and its reasonable because they manage everything for you. Now you can withdraw your earned money with two methods.

The first method is PayPal. The most loved way to send and receive money online. I think you know about this, right? Every blogger is known with PayPal. So, the minimum threshold for PayPal is $20 dollars which means you must have atleast $20 to withdraw with PayPal. Secondly, there is wire transfer method that is common and easy. Its minimum threshold is $500.

Some Approval Tips

So, This is your first time for applying to BuySellAds Publisher account and almost 70% of publishers have got rejected in their first application. So if you got disapproved than don't feel that you can't do it but you can do it by knowing what kind of publishers they want and be the one of them. Okay, here are some approval tips for you.
  1. Domain Name : The first and important thing that you must have is domain name. BuySellAds don't accept sub-domains like but try to get .com, .net, .org or any other good domain for your blog and than go for BuySellAds.
  2. Blog Content : Your blog should have high quality content and not copied from other blogs. Your blog niche should also be available in the category of BuySellAds.
  3. Blog Design : BuySellAds also consider design as important thing as it helps them to make more sales. Try getting a professional and responsive theme for your blog.
  4. Blog Age : You blog must be at least 6 months old before applying for BuySellAds.
  5. Blog Loading Speed : Try to make your blog fast to load and keep your blog clean by removing unwanted things.
  6. Privacy Policy and About Us Pages : These pages are important to be made before publishing the first blog post. And they also help to get approved from several popular companies like BuySellAds.
  7. Blog Traffic : You must be getting 50,000+ impressions per month on your blog.
  8. Other Ads: Remove all the ads from your blog before applying for BSA.
  9. Page Rank & Alexa : You must have good page rank and alexa rank should also be less than 20,000.
  10. Social Followers : This one is also important so make sure you've good number of social followers on every network.

How To Apply For BuySellAds?

Okay, so once you've got all these things than you're ready to apply for BuySellAds. Follow the steps below to apply for your blog.
  • Go To BuySellAds >> Signup and Make Your Account First.
  • Now Login To Your Account.
  • Go To Publisher Dashboard and Click "Submit a Property"
  • Now, the form will come up which you've to fill.
  • In that form, you've to give your blog URL (without http://), blog name, blog description, language, blog type/category and average monthly impressions. 
  • Simply, fill it all and click "Submit" button at the bottom.
  • That's it.

Best Of Luck

BuySellAds is really one of the best advertisement platform for bloggers, once you got approved there than you might forget all other networks. So, best of luck in get approved there and hope you liked the review. Don't forget to share your views in comments and also share this with your friends.

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Optimize Email Marketing Campaigns For Better Conversion

Email Marketing
We all know how instrumental email marketing is when it comes to boosting your business’ sales and establishing your brand, right? The more optimized your campaign is, the better.

The thing is, not many marketers know how optimizing your campaign for better conversion is an ongoing process - it isn’t done one time - that is, if you want the best results.

Some would say that there’s nothing to it but to produce quality content. If your content is of high quality, then you’ll get the best conversions with your campaigns, right? Wrong!

The thing is, more than just producing quality content, there are other elements of your email marketing campaign that you need to pay close attention to if you want to get the best results. The tips that we’ll be sharing will detail just that.

1.) Add your call-to-action above the fold

First off… I hope you’re adding CTAs on your campaigns because if you aren’t, then you’re leaving A LOT of money on the table.

If you’re already adding them, I hope your crafting it in such a way that it’s visible above the fold. The thing is, having the readers scroll down to find your CTA might actually reduce your conversion rate. This is especially true if you’re copy is so long and your email list are those that are always on the go.

Most of these readers just don’t have the time to read a long email and scroll down to the most bottom part of your email. It’s exactly because of this that you need to add your CTA above the fold.

2.) Focus your email message on one call to action only.

Focusing your email message on one CTA avoids distraction and laser focuses your entire campaign. Just like how affiliate marketing works (probably with other marketing methods as well), the more targeted you are, the better.

Having to talk to them about how they should sign-up to your form, click the link, and share your email all at the same time is just terrible habit to have for email marketing. Think you got it right? Think again – you can always do better and improve your conversions. Do split testing to assess your CTA performance by trying multiple versions of your landing page.

3.) Add quality images with a positive theme 

We all know how powerful using images are for your campaigns, right?

Now the question is - all things being equal - what type of images will you add on your content? To illustrate my point clearly, let’s imagine your business being on the debt management niche. Are you going to share images that depict people who are excruciatingly broke? Or are you going to show positive themed images where there are people smiling and experiencing happiness with their financial status?

I hope you answered the latter. Because studies have shown how the latter allows for higher conversion rate. The psychology behind it is that when they see these positive images, they picture themselves being the one on the image thus making them want to have your product. While looking at negative images makes the prospect customers picture themselves as the ones experiencing the hardships/challenges making them think twice about clicking your CTA.

Even if you follow all of these tips, it’s important to note that you’ll all get varying results. That’s because there are several factors that affect the prospect customer’s buying behavior. But in general, you should get good results if you follow these tips.

Have you managed to increase your email marketing’s conversion rate just recently?

If you’ve experienced just that, I urge you to share your tips and ideas to the community. Whether you have questions, comments, or recommendations, the comments section is all yours. 

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