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Best Customizable And Professional Blogger Templates 2015


You can change the full design of the template without knowing the code, customizable templates are compatible with blogger template designer which allow you to change the colors easily from blogger template designer.


Templateify has been always surprising us with their new features for blogger, now they have come with (for the 1st time on blogger ever) Most Advance Admin Panel, The most powerful admin panel ensures you can do so easily all from one place, each section, the widget has its explanation, No need to see the documentation all the time we all have put in our admin panel.


You can create thousands of skin without knowing the code,These skins have been made with the "blogger template designer", these are just demos to show you that you can change a full design of the template, You can do better than us with your own creative mind, it's very to customize, we have also put some tools you to get colors combination.


Easy way to edit the template, NO need to open the HTML area of your blog, you can manage your blog from the blogger template designer.

Here is the video of their template:

Here are their templates.

Hermosa is a clean fashion Blogger (Blogspot) template and most advanced blogger template with tons of features to help you easily build a modern fashion blog, it's fully customizable (compatible with blogger template designer) you can create your own skin with your own creative mind, for the first time ever on blogger Hermosa has the most advanced admin panel, it’s built to offer you the maximum ability to build and customize your blog the way you like, with creative tool and professional features you will get with Hermosa you will feel the pleasure and ease of creating a modern fashion blog.

Passion is a clean fashion blogger (blogspot) template with tons of features to help you easily build a modern fashion blog, it’s built to offer you the maximum ability to build and customize your blog the way you like, with creative tool and professional features you will get with Passion you will feel the pleasure and ease of creating a modern fashion blog.

Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery: The Life Saver to Recover Lost Data

You may carry your entire life on your iPhone. Countless photos, phone numbers, messages, notes travel around with you everywhere you go. What if those pieces of information disappeared after accidental deletion, an unsuccessful upgrade & jailbreak, or more catastrophic situations like water damage or theft? Your most precious and vital information may be gone in a flash.

Luckily, solutions exist to take some of the most immediate pressure off of a data loss situation. Tenorshare iPhone Data recovery makes data rescue straightforward. It can help you to recover photos, contacts, SMS, notes and other data from iPhone itself, iTunes backup and iCloud backup no matter how your data were lost.

Best Features of Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery

  • Recover up to 20 File Types: This software can help you get back up to 20 important file types on your iPhone including photos, contacts, text messages, WhatsApp/Tango messages, notes, etc.
  • 3 Recovery Modes: You can retrieve your iPhone data with 3 types of data recovery: Direct scan, as its name implies, involves connecting your device to a computer via USB and scanning it for any recoverable files. iTunes backup method requires you to have previously synced your iPhone with itunes and then you can restore from the most recent backup. iCloud backup enables you restore data from your iCloud backup if you have ever backed up before.
  • Support all iPhone models: It supports both GSM and CDMA phone types, as demonstrated on their website. Starting with the iPhone 3, support continues all the way up through iPhone 6 Plus.

How to Recover Lost iPhone Data

The user-friendly interface makes data recovery process quite simple and easy. To recover data from iPhone, you launch Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery on your PC.
  • Mode 1: Recover Data from iPhone
This mode is selected by default. Just connect your device via USB and click “Start Scan” to start scanning for iPhone files. Then it would tell you how many of each it manages to recover. Preview and select the files you need to recover and click “Recover”.
  • Mode 2: Recover Data from iTunes Backup
Select “Recover from iTunes Backup Files”. Select the backup file you’d like to restore data from and click “Start Scan”. Then just select your desired files and click “Recover” to proceed just as mentioned above.
  • Mode 3: Recover Data from iCloud Backup
Select “Recover from iCloud Backup Files”. Sign in your iCloud account, then choose the iCloud backup file and click “Next” to choose file types you want to download from iCloud. After that, start scanning and choose your target files to be recovered.

Final Verdict

Losing data can be potentially devastating, but Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery is here to ensure that all are not lost forever. Its versatility with fancy interface makes it a sound option for those in need of an effective iPhone photo recovery tool.
Grammarly Review : Best Grammar and Plagiarism Online Tool

Looking for best grammer and plagiarism online tool? Grammarly is highly recommended for you, let's have a look at the detailed Grammarly review of 2015 and I hope you will find this tool helpful. How will you feel when reading an article or post online and found so many grammatical and spelling errors? As writing point of view, this doesn't seem to be a good experience and such types of errors or grammatical mistakes can take your readers away from your blog. And also force them not to visit your website again. Interesting thing is that from the last few surveys done, it is found that more than two million blog posts are published every day on different blogs. Do you know how many of these blog posts are copied or having grammatical errors? How many of such blogs are 100% correct grammatically.

Grammarly Review

As a blogger, I believe that almost 95% of these blog posts might be containing or having 
grammatical mistakes. From the last couple of years, I was using Microsoft Word for article writing purposes until I found Grammarly, which seems to be one of the best tool for checking errors in an article easily. Not only it helped in correction of grammatical mistakes but it helped me in improving my writing. If you are interested to know more about this tool, let's get started with this guide.

What is Grammarly?

Grammarly is considered as one of the best grammar and spelling checker online tool that instantly checks the spelling and grammatical mistakes in your articles or posts and also checks for plagiarism as well.

Grammarly Review 2015

What I believe is that Grammarly is best and recommend tool for only bloggers but also professional writers, students who are more interesting in writing. The best part is that it checks around 250 types of different punctuation and spelling errors in your articles.

Not only users can fix their grammatical or spelling mistakes but also they can take advantage of plagiarism checking feature as well which allows you to check for plagiarism in the article or blog post. It seems to be great for bloggers because copied contents not allowed by Google and in most of the conditions they penalize such copied content based blogs/sites. It also gives the hint about the website from where the content is copied.

Apart from checking grammatical and spelling mistakes, Grammarly also suggests the users what is wrong and how to correct it easily. Sometimes it also gives suggestions about keywords which must be needed to remove from your article.

How Grammarly Works?

In order to check out the how this tool works, go to Grammarly and there you will need to paste the text that you want to check for grammatical errors or spelling mistakes. Also, it offers users to upload the Microsoft Word Documents. Once you are done with checking process, then you will be able to see grammatical mistakes of your articles and it also gives ratings to your article out of 1-100. In order to fix grammatical mistakes, you should need to register on website so that you will be able to fix spelling mistakes, punctuation and vocabulary errors, etc.

score of review post
Score of this review article by Grammarly tool 

Final Verdict

This tool seems to be better choice than using Microsoft Word and also helps in plagiarism checking. On the other hand if you buy Grammarly on monthly basis, it will cost you a little bit high but for annual plan, the price seems to be great. As said earlier above, this is must and highly recommended tool to bloggers which they can start using. I hope you guys like this review and found this tool helpful. If you have any queries, feel free to ask in the comments section.
Why Host4ASP.NET Is the Best Cheap Windows Hosting Provider?

Most of the people these days have been confused whether to host their personal blog or other sites on or not? In order to solve their confusion and answer all the queries in one place, we have decided to write a review about this company so that our readers can know more about it and can get started with this hosting to host their personal websites.


In this review, we will be going to cover all the main things which includes features,  pricing, custom satisfaction rate, customer service and hosting performance etc and I hope you will find this review helpful. So let’s get started to this guide and know more about this web hosting.

Customer Satisfaction Rate

Before making a purchase or ordering something online, most of the people tries to read about the customer reviews in order to know what other people thinks about that particular product or service.  We have done a well research over this and found that  around 95 % customers of are satisfied with their services.


Before going to start a website or blog and choosing  best hosting, most of the people are interested to make a purchase of that hosting which is offering cheap rates. Mainly their hosting service charges were around $6.95/month but their quality and valued customers forced them to offer these services for just $2.95/ month which seems to be fair price and every blogger can afford it as well. Best part about this hosting is that it also offers thirty days money back gurantee so you can try it risk free web hosting this year.


Almost every blogger or webmaster worried about the performance of their web hosting provider and make sure that their website loads faster and perform well. Because performance is considered as soul of a website or blog and offers high performance based hosting services to their customers. Their data centers and servers runs 24 hours  and gurantees better hosting for their customers. It will be great if we say that this web hosting is recommended for those people who are looking for quality and high performance hosting service providers.

Customer Service

In order to make sure that their customers properly do their writing work or business on their websites or blogs, they provide contact support where their customers can contact them via online chat and email as well. Apart form this, you can also find out useful guides on their official blog that will be helpful for customers in terms of hosting and some other common issues that they should need to know.

Features of Host4ASP.NET Hosting

Features of Host4ASP.NET Hosting

Visit this page to learn more about windows hosting.

Final Verdict

Overall seems to be a great web hosting service provider which offers cheap rates, high quality performance and service and also has good number of positive reviews from their customers. It is highly recommended for those people who are looking for high quality and best web hosting services this year.

BUGtrack Review : Best Bug Tracking Software of 2015

Almost all sorts of IT projects needs bug tracking (defect/issue tracking) system such as it is essential to have this kind of program in software development projects. I have seen most of the people searching for best Bug tracking software but not been able to pick great one.

Therefore in order to make their work easier, I have decided to find out the best program for this purpose and guess what I found “BUGtrack” which seems to be the best tool for bug tracking purposes.

BUGtrack Review

What is BUGtrack?

Actually BUGtrack is one of the best web based issue or bug tracking which is mostly used by support and development teams on daily basis. BUGTrack ensures to the development or support teams that all bugs are assigned and categorized. Another great thing is that it allows their users to change configuration according to their needs. Currently it handles unlimited customers as well as multiple email interfaces at flat rates. You can check BUGtrack for free, just order a free trial.

Features of BUGtrack

Now let’s have a look at what kind of features BUGtrack is currently offering to development and support teams which they can utilize in their projects. All of these features are shared below:

  • Allows users to create unlimited projects
  • Users can easily access it from any part of the world through using web browser
  • The best part is that it keeps track of your bug history which seems to be great.
  • Also users will be notified of status changes and new bugs.
  • Users can filter bugs or can categorize them according to their type, version, phase etc.
  • Users can input their information in English, German, Swedish and Japanese etc.
  • Offers data import and export feature which is another great thing about BUGtrack.
  • And there are many more other features of BUGtrack which seems to be great. In order to get started with BUGtrack tool, simple visit this link for knowing about features and all about BUGtrack

Final Verdict

After researching about BUGtrack tool, I was able to find 1 con about this tool that if you will add a custom field of the Text type (not the Picklist type), you will not be able to filter on that specific field. Overall BUGtrack is a great tool for tracking bug or issues. It is highly recommend trying out this program as it worth trying and I am pretty sure that you will find it useful. 
CodeLobster PHP Edition Review: Best Free PHP Editor

PHP is considered as one of the most popular language for any kind of new project related to web development such as developing WordPress themes or WordPress plugins or a modern PHP based web application etc. These tasks seems to be a little bit of difficult and time consuming as well, but using some IDE program  you will be able to developing plugins, themes or any web application easily. 

CodeLobster Review

PHP is mostly used as every new project uses this language and interesting thing is that PHP language still hacks in terms of various security issues.Now the main question is that “Is PHP language sufficed to develop a new project“. If you do some research on the internet you will find out the most of the projects needs HTML, CSS, and JavaScript as main part of project along with PHP.

What is Codelobster?

If you are a develop or new to development field and search out for free Windows OS based IDE software for your projects, then you will find out many programs and most of them will be expensive and not everyone will be able to buy. So in such conditions it is highly recommended for you to try out CodeLobster PHP Edition which seems to be free IDE developed by Codelobster software. The best part about this program is that it mainly runs on Windows Operating System and designed for PHP language projects mostly. Built-in support of PHP frameworks is also included in this program.

Why to Use Codelobster PHP editor?

There are couple of features due to which developers or people who are interested more in coding should need to start using Codelobster PHP editor. Mainly it is compatible with Windows 7, Windows XP and Windows Vista. Also you will be able to find out amazing features that you can easily utilize in your projects.  Below we are sharing the main features and reasons why we are recommending this software to you.

Best Features of Codelobster

  • This program is totally compatible with PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Syntax highlighting option is also included for CSS, PHP, JavaScript and HTML.
  • The best part about this software is that PHP advanced auto complete feature is included as well which makes it easier for the developers to speed up writing code.
  • Interesting thing is that JavaScript advanced auto complete feature is also added.
  • SQL manager and HTML toolbar options are also present that you can utilize in your projects as well.
  • You can also utilize PHP debugger which allows the developers to debug applications during development process. But before using it, you will need to configure this feature.
  • It also has built-in support for most popular CMS such as WordPress, Joomla and Drupal etc.

If you want to take advantage of this program for your development projects, then you can download it directly from this link.

Final Verdict

Overall Codelobster seems to be handy software for developers which they can start using in 2015 and utilize its amazing features in their PHP language projects easily. I hope you guys found it helpful and if you have any queries, feel free to ask in the comments section. 
CouponzGuru Review: Amazing Discount, Best Deals And Coupons

It is modern world where people are not having enough time to for going to physical shopping store for buying specific stuff they want to buy. Well this leads them to buy their favorite or desired stuff from online shopping websites. From the last couple of years, it is seen rapid growth in online shopping websites and thousands of new ecommerce based websites are launched every day.

Well these are the common and main reasons due to which people gets attracted towards those shopping sites and one of them is coupon codes or best deals which are offered by top online stores such as Amazon, eBay etc or any other. And there are many websites on the internet which offers discounts, coupon codes and best deals of such shopping websites but finding good one seems to be a little bit of difficult task.


Therefore we have decided to make your this issue easier by finding and writing a review about good discount and coupon codes offering site and we found “CouponzGuru” one of the best site that makes the internet users happier by offering them best deals and discounts of big online stores such as eBay, Amazon, flipkart etc.

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What is CouponzGuru?

CouponzGuru is actually one of the best shopping site online that mainly offers discounts, best deals and coupon codes of many largest shopping sites on the internet. The best thing is that the coupon codes and top deals offered on CouponzGuru are free of cost.

Not only you will be able to know about best deals and coupon codes but it also offers wide range of various online products. In short words we can say that it is free marketplace online for finding out top deals, amazing discounts and coupons easily at one place. Interesting part about this site which made it popular among internet users is that it offers coupon codes of various popular online stores such as Shopclues, Lazada, Fabfurnish, Amazon etc and many more others.

All the deals are updated on daily basis and another best thing which makes it great is having well categories menu which makes it better for users to navigate on this website easily. You can easily find out latest coupons of popular websites of different types such as travel, shopping, mobile recharge etc through categories menu.

How to Get Coupon Code?

If you are not having enough knowledge about how to get coupon code and use on biggest shopping sites then you should need to check out the guide shared below and follow the steps carefully:
  1. First of all you will need to choose the store from where you want to make a purchase. For example if you are interested in Jabong store, so will need to click on it.
  2. Now next thing that you will need to do is find out best deals on this page and select your desired one. 
  3. Then next to that offer you will find “Click on get coupon” option and it will redirect you to Jabong store in new tab and in last tab you will be able to see a coupon code.
  4. Now when you are purchasing that particular thing on, you will need to enter the coupon code in order to get discount on that offer. Congratulations!! You have successfully purchased your favorite stuff and also saved your money when shopping online.

Final Verdict

Overall CouponzGuru seems to be great choice for internet users and is highly recommended for those people who want to purchase their desired stuff and looking for  top offers and deals of their favorite online shopping store. I hope you guys find this guide helpful and if you have any queries or suggestions, let me know in the comments section.

Best Methods to Make Money With A Blog in 2015

In my previous guide, I talked about best niches to start making money in 2015 for good living. Now if you are one of those who already have made your own website on specific niche or topic and now you are looking for some best methods through which you will be able to monetize it? If yes, then you are at right place because today in this article we will be going to share the best methods that can help you in making money with your blog in 2015 easily.

Make Money With A Blog

There are thousands of people who are looking for the solutions through which they can earn good income from their websites. So if you are one of those it is recommended for you to must read and try out the methods that are shared below. Let’s have a look at all of them and I am pretty sure that you will find them useful for you.

Best Methods to Make Money with a Blog in 2015

Monetization with Google AdSense

Google AdSense is considered as one of the best advertising network or monetization program for bloggers to monetize their blog to make good revenue. In order to get approved from AdSense, you should be having good quality blog with some traffic.  If you are fulfilling these conditions, then you should need to apply for account on

Display Banner Ads

Another good idea to monetize your website is through displaying advertisements. If you are having good authority website or blog with decent traffic and good rankings then advertisers or companies will contact you and ask for banner advertisements on your blog. You can charge them good amount of your desire that you will receive from them for displaying banner advertisement for specific time period. The best example is which is known as best marketplace in online world for buying and selling ads network. So you can expect some good earnings from such networks but for approval it is highly recommended for you to have a blog on specific niche/topic for easily approval.

Write about Products

Another good idea to make money from your blog is to find out products relevant to your niche and contact their companies for paid reviews.  If you have some blog with good rankings and authority and you are good in pitching advertisers, it should be recommended for you to try out this method for good income.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular methods that is used by most of the online websites these days for making passive income from their blogs. Most of the micro niches and niches site owners loves to monetize their sites through either Google AdSense or affiliate products to get good income.

Selling your services

If you are good at something that you are writing on your website or blog, then it is recommended for you to start selling your own services from your website or blog for good revenue.

Making Videos about Products

Videos are considered as best method to spread your voice or information in short period of time. If you are good in making video reviews, then contact big companies and charge them good amount for product video reviews and I am sure that you can make handsome income from this method.

So these are the best methods that you can use in 2015 for making money with your blog easily. Now it’s up to try out these methods and start making handsome income for good living.

How to Convert PDF to Editable Word File With Docs.Zone

If you’re working with PDF files tirelessly then you know how hard it really is to handle a multitude of formats all the time. Sure, it can be nice and all in the beginning, but the reality is that when you have to work with dozens or more files, things can easily go haywire. Specially as a blogger you have to deal with several types of documents and a file is not in format that you need. You will need to convert it to the format of your choice. This is why using is a very good idea if you want to convert PDF files to Word or the other way around, as the process is performed fast and in seamless manner.
Most Profitable Niche to Start Blogging in 2015

Working on profitable niches is always a good idea as it can help you to make good income and there are many bloggers in the world who are working on profitable niches and earning passive income. Niche is mainly considered as focus of your blog, a topic that you love to write about and we can say that it is also soul of your website or blog.

Selections of profitable and useful niche seems to be one of the difficult task most of the bloggers and there are thousands of many new bloggers who makes a mistake of choosing wrong niche in start and faces issues in middle of blogging career. So it seems to be good idea if you know about best niches from start of blogging and will not face any problem in future.

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profitable niche

In order to be successful and making your blog popular, the very first thing that you will need to know is what type of readers you are going to target? What kind of things your readers are looking for? What are the profitable keywords and how you can utilize them on your blog properly to make good revenue?

Now if you are one of those people who are looking for better profit niches of 2015 that you can start from this year to make money, then check out the below guide about profitable topics for your blog

Health Niche

Health blog mostly covers topics related to health diseases, nutrition, weight loss, health tips and health research related things. It is one of the best niches to work on and also you can get micro niche ideas from top health niche sites as well. There are some most popular sub niches of health niche which are very popular and writing a blog on them can get you earn some good income, let’s have a look at them below:

  • Weight loss blogs
  • Nutrition/Diet 
  • Disorders and Diseases 
  • Workouts and Food

Blogging Tutorials Niche

If you are one of those people who are having good knowledge in blogging field, then you should to start blogging tutorials or wordpress tutorials or blogger guides related blog. Interesting thing is that you will not be able to make more revenue if monetizing such niche blogs but you can make passive income through using affiliate products or other advertising networks such as BuySellAds etc.
This niche is started by most of the people who are good at affiliate marketing and looking to monetize it using different affiliate networks for good revenue.

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Technology Niche

Another most popular and profitable niches that you can work on from this year. There are millions of blogs on the internet about technology related stuff that are started by millions of bloggers and internet users. If you are focusing on building a brand able tech blog, then you will requirement some team members otherwise you can select some specific micro niche topic such as android, iOS and start blogs on these niches for better profit.  I always love to work on micro niche sites and starting a blog about upcoming gadgets.

Money and Business Niche

If you are one of those people who are having enough knowledge about business and money and looking for some method online to make money, then it is highly recommended for you to start a website on business and finance niche. It is one of the most profitable niches after health niche to earn passive income.

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Final Verdict

So these are some of the best niche ideas that you can start blogging about in 2015 and I hope you guys found it helpful. It’s time for you to take action and start a blog on any of these niches shared above. If you have any queries related to this topic, feel free to ask in the comments section.

Make Web Video – Create Your Own Animated Business Promo In 30 Minutes

Video marketing seems to be top thing which has grown up from the last couple of years. There was a time when entrepreneurs used to share information or any other thing in text format but this is modern world and now things changed a lot. These days most of the bloggers are trying to use videos for marketing purposes in order to grow their business on larger scale.

Animated explainer videos is one of trending thing which is used by internet marketers and most of the bloggers for video marketing purposes and creating awareness about their brand among online internet users.  In past people mostly need to advertise on Television in order to promote business or products but after the start of social media website like twitter and facebook all things are changed now. 

Now making video for your products, services, business or brands is easier, faster as well as cheaper also. The best part is that you will not need to spend a lot of money and hiring services of a studio. These days you can easily find out a lot of best online video production tools that allows you to grow your business through adopting videos. Now it is easier for the people to make animated explainer videos much faster and cheaper easily.

What is MakeWebVideo?

MakeWebVideo is one of these tools that can be used for animated video production purposes. It really helped the small business owners to grow their business on larger scale through using animated videos for video marketing purposes to attract targeted customers/audience. This online tool allows the internet users to create animated videos up to 30 minutes and best thing is that it runs completely online which means you will need any special system requirements or don’t need to install it on your computer. 
Make Web Video
The interface is clean and user friendly and makes it easier for people to do editing and create amazing explainer animated videos for their business or product or service promotions or marketing video production. But one thing you will need to know is that basis computer skills are required in order to use this online tool.

How to Create Animated Explainer Video for Your Business or Product

In order to create animated movie maker online for your business, service or product promotion, follow the steps given below:
  1.   First of all you will need to go to template section on MakeWebVideo website and select your desired template that you want to use for your animated video creation.
  2.   In next step you will need to use the necessary media files such as videos, images, and graphics as per your video needs. Be careful because this is the main element of animated video.
  3.   In last step, you will be able to generated animated/explainer video with single mouse click easily. You can download the animated video according to your desired format easily.

Features of MakeWebVideo

If you are one of those people who want to know about the best features of MakeWebVideo before trying out, then you should need to have a look at them below:
  •          MakeWebVideo allows their users to created videos in HD format and also uses the Adobe after Effects which is one of the most popular and best video editing program in order to create high quality HD explainer videos.
  •        Using this online tool, you will be able to add 3d graphics into your videos easily which makes video to have better impression.
  •          Best thing is that videos that you don’t need to worry about the hosting of videos as this tool allows users to host their videos as well.
  •          Once you have created your desired animated video, it offers you to download that specific video in various formats including WEBM, MP4 etc and great thing is that it supports html5 video formats so it will be easier for you to add into your website.
  •          As already mentioned above this tool is available online, you can easily access it from any part of the world from your mobile devices as well.
  •         MakeWebVideo is totally compatible with all main browsers including Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari etc.
  •          In order to make cool and attractive animated explainer video, you can get your desired video in $29 USD. Interesting thing is that most of the small business owners are taking advantage of this tool to grow their business or brands.

Final Verdict

Overall this tool seems to be cost effective and also has user friendly interface which makes it easier for the user to create explained animated videos of their own desire. If you are small business owner and looking for best video animation program to promote your business or products, then it is highly recommend for you to try out MakeWebVideo.
iStonsoft iPhone to Computer Transfer Review

If you are one of those people who are interested to transfer files from iphone to mac or iphone to computer, then you will surely find this guide helpful for you. Interesting thing is that most of the iPhone or iPad/iPod users try to use free file transferring programs in order to transfer their main files from their iOS device directly to their computer for specific purposes.

Sometimes people want to backup their data urgently from iOS devices into their computer and if you are one of those people who loves to backup their important data, then I will recommend you to try out iStonesoft iPhone to computer transfer software.

iStonsoft iPhone to Computer Transfer Review

In this article, we are going to write about iStonesoft iPhone to computer transfer review where you will going to know about the features and why it is one of the best file transfer program for iPhone users and it also allows users to move their files from iPhone to MAC as well.

iStonsoft iPhone to Computer Transfer

iStonsoft iPhone to Computer Transfer is one of the most popular file transferring program that is mainly developed by “iStonesoft” company. It mainly allows the iPhone users or other iOS device users to easily transfer or backup their important data from their iOS devices to their computer. There are not specific limitations, I mean you can move all sort of media files which includes photos, movies, music, podcast, TV shows etc and many more others from iPhone to PC for transferring or backup purposes.

Actually main idea of developing this software is to let the iOS device users to solve their data transfer or backup issue that they are facing due to Apple Copyright protection. Because it will not allow the users to move their files from any iOS devices through iTunes easily. And if you are looking for the best solution or program to transfer your important files or data from iPhone to PC easily without using iTunes, then this tool is highly recommended for you to try out and take advantage of it.

The interesting thing about this program is that not only MAC users can take advantage of it but also Windows users can utilize it for file transferring purposes as well. So I think it will not be bigger issue for you if you want to export music from iPhone to MAC or transferring files from iPhone to computer.

Best part about iStonesoft iPhone to computer transfer is that its Windows version is totally compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows Vista etc. On the other hand Mac version seems to be working nice and supports MAC OSx 10.6, 10.7, 10.8 and also 10.9 OS version.

How to Use iStonsoft iPhone to Computer Transfer

If you want to know about how to use iStone iPhone to computer transfer software such as transfer photos from iPhone to computer or transfer music from iPhone to computer, then the very first thing that you should need to do is to download this software from their official website. Once you have properly installed this program after downloading, then it’s time to connect your iPhone or other iOS device to PC through USB data cable and then open up the iStonesoft iPhone to computer transfer program that you have recently installed.

On left side of screen, you will find out the file options, you will need to click on that option that you mainly want to transfer according to your own desire. Take an example of music, if you want to transfer or backup music files then you will need to click on music option and then select the files that you want to be transferred using this software.

iStonsoft iPhone to MAC Transfer

 But if you want to move all music files, then you should need to select Export all music option from file menu and once files are selected, click on advance option and there you will need to set the location where you want the files to be export. Once done, click on export button and it will start transferring or backup your files quickly from iPhone to PC.

Final Verdict

Over all this tool seems to be amazing and also simple that can easily allow the iPhone and other iOS device users to transfer their important files from iPhone to computer easily. If you have any queries regards this guide, do let us know in the comments section.
College Dunia Review : Best Place To Find Top Colleges

The dream of every student is to join is best college for getting good grades and then getting a job in some good profession. One of the main stage which is really considered as important part of student is college where he/she will be able to take maximum advantage and learn many things and know exactly about real life challenges as well. 

It’s modern world and finding out best universities and colleges seems to be not an easier task for most of students for building their career. Also selecting the best and top college seems to be crucial stage according to students’ point of view because analyzing each and every college seems to be difficult task and makes it hard to find the best colleges among all of the collection or list. 

College Dunia Review

If you are one of those guys, then don’t get worried because today we are going to write about college dunia that will surely solve your this problem. All you need is to read the detailed guide shared below and then try out college dunia for finding best universities and colleges easily.

What is College Dunia?

College  Dunia is one of the well known and most popular site on the internet in terms of finding best colleges in India where all the reputed universities and colleges are listed. You can easily find out information about more than 20k colleges and 6k courses of different fields such as Medical, Management, and Engineering etc. The best part about College Dunia is that it also offers users to check results as well as having user friendly and clean interface.

Filtered and well organized Information

The great thing about College Dunia is that you will find all sort of information properly organized which makes it easier for the user to navigation on the website. Also you can utilize filter according to your favorite field such as engineering, medical etc for finding out top colleges according to location or nearby college etc. 

Through filter feature, you can also get the idea about admission, fee and other things concerned with colleges, this makes the selection process much easier for students. Another thing I would like to share is that if you want to browse the college through links such as  Top B.Ed. Colleges in India or Top LLB Colleges in India and many others that you can easily find out on the footer of College Dunia website.

Detailed Information about University/College

Now if you are one of those guys who are much interested to know about the detailed information about specific university and college, your search ends here. Because this website allows the users to easily get all information about their desired college with genuine details. It also saves your time and you will not need to enquiry about colleges. The main information about colleges and universities includes Contact details, images, ratings, fees structure, location etc and many more others.

Latest Exam Results and News

The great thing or news for most of the students in India is that College dunia provides them an opportunity of finding out the latest  education related news and exam results easily on their website. All you need is to create an account on this website and get access to all of these amazing features. The best thing is that you can also communicate with experts after sign up process.

Final Verdict

Overall, College Dunia is best and useful resource for students to find out genuine information about best colleges and has user friendly and clean interface. The filter and some other features seems to be gift for students and parents etc as well. 
Zoutons Review : Save Your Money While Shopping Online

Online shopping is one of the most trending things happening on the internet. Every internet user tries to find out the best online shopping websites so that they will be able to receive their desired product at good rates easily as compared to normal market price and interest thing is that sometimes we will be able to get discount on buying such things or get gifts from sellers as well.

Zoutons Review

About Zoutons Review

 You can find out thousands of websites on the internet related to different topics but only few of the websites are ecommerce based. Some of these ecommerce sites are much popular among internet users on the basis of having good customer reviews, better support services as well as customer satisfaction etc. 

Today in this article, I will be going to share the review of one of the amazing and useful website review here. Below you will be able to find out the best features of Zoutons which is ecommerce store that will surely be going to help you in saving your money when you are going to do shopping online.Best part about is that this seems to be great online store where you can find out deals and coupons of best and most popular stores in the internet world such as Amazon, eBay, Flipkart etc and many more others.  

You will be able to know about latest product features, discount offers, discount coupons, specifications and also comparison between online stores offers etc as well which seems to be great feature. Not only you can find better discounts but also can get best price for products that you are going to purchase.

Saving Money Every Time on Best Deals

You will also be going to like and try to visit it again and again to find out the best deals of most famous online stores which are much popular among internet users. Using this website, you will be able to save a lot of your money. You can find out all sort of deals or offers of most popular shopping stores of online world and can decide about best deal so that you can purchase that item later. 

There are many other ecommerce stores on the internet but finding out deals and discounts about specific stores doesn’t seem to be an easier task. But your entire search ends here, because is highly recommended choice for you. Now if you are looking for the features or want to know about the best things due to which it makes users visit this site again and again, check out them shared below:

Popular Coupons

Best thing is that you will be able to find out popular online stores deals and coupons such as Jabong Coupons, Flipkart Coupons etc and many more others on popular section of the website. If you want to know and check about the similar discount offers, then you will need to click on “see all the coupons”

Latest Coupons

It is second best section on this website, which provides information or deals about the latest offers. Because there are many deals on most popular ecommerce stores that ends every day, so it is a good idea to update the latest deals for internet users.

Most popular Stores

In this section of, users will be able to know about all the most popular shopping websites deals/offers/discounts/ Coupons etc. You can browse the deals according to your desired online shopping store easily.

Final Verdict

Overall Zoutons seems to be best choice for internet users to find out great deals about their specific or desired online shopping stores in one place. If you have any queries regards this topic, do let us know in comments section.